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Medical ultrasound is a diagnostic imaging technique, or therapeutic application of ultrasound. It is used to create an image of internal body structures such as tendons, muscles, joints, blood vessels, and internal organs.


Abdominal ultrasound  [ Liver – gall bladder – kidneys ]


  • You may not have any carbonated drinks or foods containing fat at least 7-8 hours prior to the exam. Acceptable food items include water and coffee or tea without milk.
  • Medications can be taken prior to the exam. If you take insulin, you must consult with your physician prior to the exam 

Breast ultrasound



  • Do not schedule your mammogram for the week before your period if your breasts are usually tender during this time.
  • The best time for a mammogram is one week following your period.
  • Always inform your doctor or x-ray technologist if there is any possibility that you are pregnant.
  • Do not use deodorant, talcum powder or lotion under your arms or on your breasts on the day of the exam.
  • Describe any breast symptoms or problems to the technologist performing the exam.
  • If possible, obtain prior mammograms and make them available to the radiologist at the time of the current exam

Pelvic ultrasound [ female ]



  • Patients should drink 1 liter of fluid approximately one hour prior to the exam. Please do not empty your bladder during this time
  • Medications can be taken prior to the examination
  • Pelvic ultrasound [ male ]
  • There is no preparation necessary for this procedure.

Pregnancy ultrasound



  • If you are in your first three months of pregnancy, please drink 3-4 glasses of clear liquids, such as water, juice, etc. One hour before your scheduled examination. Please do not empty your bladder.
  • If you are in your fourth to ninth month of pregnancy, please drink 1-2 glasses of clear liquids one hour before your scheduled examination. Please do not empty your bladder.

Prostate ultrasound



  • Patients should drink a lot of fluids and please do not empty your bladder 2 hours before the exam
  • An enema must be taken one to four hours prior to the examination. If you require a PSA blood test, please arrange to have it drawn prior to your ultrasound examination on another day.
  • Medications can be taken prior to the examination

Renal -Renal transplant – Testicular- Scrotal – Thyroid – Neck /    ultrasound



  • There is no necessary preparation for this examination.
  • Medications can be taken prior to the exam

Doppler Ultrasound



  • Arterial Doppler
  •     For this examination, your stomach must be as empty as possible.
  •     You must not eat or drink after midnight the night prior to your exam, nor smoke or chew gum. You may brush your teeth, but avoid swallowing water.
  • Venous – Carotid – Thyroid –Renal / Doppler
  • There is no advance preparation for this examination




  • You do not need any special preparation for Transthoracic echocardiography
  • If you are scheduled to have a transoesphageal echo, do not eat or drink for at least 6 hours before the test. Before TEE, you will be given a sedative.
  • Medications can be taken prior to the exam.



ِAverage scan time from 10 to 20 minutes

Service consultants
Dr. Ahmed Abbassy
Lecturer of diagnostic radiology, Kasr Al Aini, Cairo university
Dr. Hossam Debian
Consultant of diagnostic and intervention radiology- liver institute
Prof. Hussien Attia
MD, senior consultant, Dar Al Fouad hospital
Prof. Fatma Awad
professor of radiology, women imaging unit, Kasr Al Aini, Cairo University
Dr. Sherif Al Sergany
Obs & Gyn consultant (Obstetric US)
Dr. Sherif El Mangoury
(adult ECHO, stress test), Cardiology consultant, Cairo university hospitals
Dr. Reham Darweesh
(adult ECHO, stress test) Lecturer of Cardiology, Kasr Al Aini, Cairo University
Dr. Mohamed Samir
(Pediatric ECHO), Lecturer of Pediatrics, Abo El Reesh hospital, Cairo University
Dr. Mohamed Al Hodaiby
Obs & Gyn consultant (Obstetric US)
Dr. Ahmed Elebaidy
Specialist of cardiology and Echocardiography.
Service devices
UltraSound Device

A high-end, high-performance, compact diagnostic ultrasound system.